Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Is What I Drink: 78

New Holland Brewing's Dragon's Milk

I ate this with an egg burrito. Just thought you should know that from the get-go. Anyway, I mistakenly had assumed that this was an imperial stout (official classification is "American strong ale") just because it had that look to it. Maybe that's why I was kind of disappointed when I first started drinking it. It was dark, creamy, and had oaky and vanilla notes like many strong stouts (this is a 10%) have, but it didn't quite the thickness or bitterness to it. Another problem is that it didn't really hide the high alcohol content very well. That's sometimes distracting in terms of trying to pick up some of the other flavors. I love this kind of strong, dark beer, but I've definitely had better. I like the idea that this is what baby dragons drink though.

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