Monday, September 20, 2010

This Is What I Drink: 75

Freddy's Vanilla Malt

This was the final malt of a certified malt craze during the summer. We called up Freddy because he came up on one of our telephones when the malt cravings started after dinner. Freddy's in Oklahoma City had a chain-like feel, where all the employees had to wear old-timey uniforms while serving up burgers and shakes. Since we had just gotten dinner, I only had the stomach for their smallest size which was called a junior or baby or mini or something else emasculating, but it was only about $2, so I felt pretty good about it. I felt that this malt was more "beverage-like" than the one I got in Sioux Falls, but since it was just vanilla it didn't bring much to the flavor table. It still had a pretty good malt kick though, and the kitsch of Freddy's restaurant was amusing enough.

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