Monday, September 6, 2010

This Is What I Drink: 67

B + G Milkyway Marshmallow Malt (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)

A friend of ours is a malt fanatic so when we told him that we were driving through his old town in Sioux Falls he said we had to check out this spot. We went directly to the shop as soon as we got into town, and despite being weary from a 10-hour drive I was instantly charmed by this roadside ice cream joint. Our malt master friend recommended ordering the marshmallow malt with extra malt, so I felt compelled to order that as well. I believe I got a medium, but a small might have sufficed. Using my best judgement I would guess that the sizes went like this: small 12 ounce, medium 16 ounce, large 24 ounce, and extra large 32 ounce. How anyone could put down an extra large, I'm not sure. Anyway, this was a super thick malt. It may have actually crossed the line from beverage to solid, but there are arguments to be had about that. I felt like I needed to use a spoon for most of it until the very end. It tasted incredible though. Marshmallow might not be something I normally go for, but it was really good. The extra malt kick was probably the true secret ingredient. Despite it feeling more like ice cream than beverage, I still had a good time at this place and you should go if you're ever in freaking South Dakota!

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