Thursday, September 16, 2010

This Is What I Drink: 73


Here is another European beer that seems to be somewhat overrated and overpriced just because it's an import. Again, it's much better than a standard American beer, but I'm not convinced it's much better than something like Yuengling lager (which I can get for considerably cheaper) or a microbrewed lager which I can get for a comparable price. That said, I'm also not a huge fan of this kind of pale lager. They are pretty easy drinking and good to have around on occasion, but they don't bring a whole lot of flavor to the plate. I also drank this one out of a tall boy can which kind of decreases it's classiness as well. It just seems better to have this beer out of a bottle. I actually always confused this flavor for a pilsner, but it's clearly a lager. I dislike pilsners more than lagers, so it doesn't seem surprising that I'm not a huge fan of this beer.

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