Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This Is What I Drink: 69

Santa Fe Brewing Company Trio

We had the privilege of playing a brewing company on this tour, and it couldn't have been better. When you are normally presented with cases of cheap beer as a band, it's pretty amazing to get some microbrews on the house along with a tasty meal to go with those brews. I didn't get to try all of the beers on tap (they cut off the freebies after a certain point, whoops!), but the three that I tried were pretty good. I first had their award winning porter. I'm not sure what the award was or where it was from, but I believe them. It had all the nice roasted, warm, and chocolately and coffee flavors that you look for in a porter and with a nice alcohol kick at around 6.4%. This was definitely my favorite of the night, but I also have a dark beer bias. Next I tried the IPA. This was very good as well. It was appropriately very hoppy and had some great citrus notes to go along with it. I believe it weighed in at about 6.2% alcohol. Last but not least is their brown ale pictured at the bottom. This was the lightest of the bunch, but still very good. I'm not a huge fan of brown ales in general; there always seems to be something off about the flavor, but despite that I liked this one. They mentioned that they would be the first brewery in all of New Mexico to start canning their beers. I hope they get some distribution back East because I'd love to have that porter again.

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