Friday, June 25, 2010

This Is What I Drink : 48


The Margarita gets an explanation point it its header just because. There's something unique and interesting about the margarita as a cocktail. It's a weirdly classy way to drink an alcoholic smoothie (actually, alcoholic smoothies are always classy.) I always get my margaritas frozen and with salt. There aren't many other drinks where it's super refreshing to take a lick of salt afterward, but this is one of them. The story of this margarita begins with "Margarita Wednesdays or "Margarita Miercoles" for the Spanish speaking inclined. On this day of the week, all margaritas at Palacio Maya are only $2.99; not bad. There isn't anything inherently special about this specific margarita; it's about the same you would get at any other Mexican restaurant, but it's well executed. They are very generous with the tequila and one is enough to feel satisfied. I've gone back two straight weeks for this special, and I'll probably be back for more. Long live Miercoles.

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