Friday, June 4, 2010

This Is What I Drink : 41


Been thinking about a Scripps National Spelling Bee Championship drinking game for the last couple of days, here's what I got.

Awkward crustache: 2 drinks

Voice crack: 2 drinks

Contestant goes through all motions of asking definition, language of origin, word to be used in
sentence, etc even if you can tell they KNOW the word: 1 drink

Awkward hi-five between contestants: 1 drink

Youngest contestant to podium: 1 drink

Oldest contestant to podium 1 drink

Goofy banter between judges and contestant: 2 drinks

Contestant mimes spelling word on lanyard: 1 drink

Disappointed parents after misspelled word: 1 drink

Finalist yells out each letter of final word when they know they're gonna win: Drink + Congratulate

Contestant faints in middle of spelling word, gets up, finished spelling correctly: Finish all the booze you have.

Anyone got anything else? This probably would have worked better for the semi-finals, but oh well, I was busy. We can build on this for next year.

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