Sunday, June 20, 2010

This Is What I Drink : 47

Raising Cane (or The Holy Trinity)

I think I've briefly mentioned the Pepsi/Mountain Dew throwback series a few months ago, but I wanted to bring the topic back up now that Heritage Dr. Pepper entered this beautiful family a few months ago. Heritage Dr. Pepper was not as readily available as the other throwbacks (not exactly sure why, it's possible it was just a trial), but I was lucky to find a 12-pack in Lancaster, PA. The formula for the sweetener is exactly the same as it is for the Pepsi throwback, some kind of combination of beet sugar and sucrose. The Dr. Pepper formulation is very good, the only thing better would be the actual Dublin Dr. Pepper but I'll hopefully review that when in Texas in about a month and a half.

What's such a bummer about this photograph is that since the "throwback" series is a limited edition, as I write this, they are no longer on the shelves. I bought a 12-pack of each of these a long time ago, and since I've cut back so much on actually drinking soda, I fortunately still have several of each left. I wish it was permanent though. Sure, there are many other premium sodas (at a premium price) that use cane sugar, but I can't really get one that tastes either like Mt. Dew or Dr. Pepper. Those are unique sodas. I'm sure the throwback series will come back, as Pepsi has already done it twice, but I wonder with all the backlash against High Fructose Corn Syrup whether we'll ever see this limited edition cane sugar soda be the permanent edition as it should be. Until then I'll only purchase the mainstream products when they come out with some kind of new or novelty flavor because the original ain't the same if it ain't cane.

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