Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This Is What I Drink : 39

Troegs Flying Mouflan

I've had this one before, but I went for it again a couple of weeks ago because I had good memories of it. First I'd like to say that I really like the bottle image. I like to keep looking at that bottle for some reason. It's good art. It's good beer too. According to a few websites this is a 0.3& American barleywine style of beer. I've never been exactly clear about the "barleywine" style, but I liked this one a lot. It poured darker than I expected and was very hoppy like an imperial IPA might be. It was probably a tad sweeter though, but really enjoyable to drink despite its strength.

Great Divide Hades

Another from Great Divide. I'm not sure why I keep buying stuff from them. I guess because everything I've had from them has been pretty good. That makes enough sense. I've always been slightly intimated by Belgian style beers like Hades, but I haven't had many from American breweries. This tasted a lot like other Belgians I've had (Delerium Tremens for one). It's sweeter and lighter than lots of beers I enjoy but still packs a nice punch at 7.8% without tasting like it. I think this is a style of beer I could really learn to love, but buying Belgian imports can be rough on the wallet so I'll probably find some more Americans that do it well.

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