Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This Is What I Drink : 58

Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout

This was one of the one's in the Southern Tier imperial series that I was anxious to finally try. It combines two of my favorite things; imperial stouts and creme brulee as a dessert. I believe vanilla beans, burnt caramel, and brown sugar were all involved in the brewing process. I was actually surprised how much I didn't like this one. The strongest flavor I got was the burnt caramelish brown sugar flavor. Admittedly, it did taste a lot like the crust of a creme brulee might taste, but it didn't do much service for the beer itself. The 10% ABV also came through a little stronger in this one than the other ST imperial series beers. It seems that maybe both the chocolate and kona versions are a better blend for the imperial stouts from Southern Tier. A disappointment taste wise, but still a pretty exciting beer to try.

Famosa Lager

This was bought after tasting a sample at my local beer store. I'll admit that I also purchased it because I happened to be wearing that chicken shirt. Weird, right? Anyway, this is a beer that the store just got in from Guatemala and its taste fit right in with the Tecate that it was shelved next to. It actually reminded me a little bit of Yuengling with that canned lager taste. The can design is really neat and it's got to be "Famosa" for a reason, right? I drank a few of these while watching an outdoor screening of Jurrasic Park on a balmy night and it was the perfect choice. It's pretty good, and I think the only thing preventing me from buying more of it is the fact that it's $6 per six-pack rather than $5 for some Yuengling.

Brooklyn Lager

I guess it's lager day here at TIWID. I always have pretty fond memories of Brooklyn Lager because it's probably one of the first microbrews that I had and enjoyed back in those dark ages when I didn't really drink good beer (ages 19-20?) I didn't know this before I looked at the bottle this 'go round, but Brooklyn Lager is brewed under the strict Reinheitsgebot, a Germany beer purity law that states beer can't have more than four ingredients; water, barley, hops, and yeast. While I respect the idea behind the law, it seems like an excuse not to be innovative. I'll give them credit though because they've made a pretty tasty beer with the four classic ingredients. There's definitely a great kick of hops there, and it is a very smooth beer to drink down. One of the better standard microbrews to enjoy.

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