Sunday, July 11, 2010

This Is What I Drink : 55

'Nother Beer Trio

First is another in the imperial series from Southern Tier, one of my favorites. It was also a chance for me to show off my Farmer's Tan which is also the name of this imperial pale lager. I really never thought I'd ever see the words "imperial" and "lager" next to each other in my beer drinking life, but here we are. I normally don't expect that much flavor from a lager, as they are usually (not always) a little bit shy on the flavor profile. Southern Tier certainly kicks it up a notch here. It still pours a very light color, but the taste is very intense. It kind of tastes like a bit of a pilsner, which is another style I don't normally like, but it's vicious it its sweetness and a bit of spice and hops. I've pretty much liked every beer in this imperial series to a degree, and this one lives up to the others.

Shiner Bock

This is a beer from Shiner, Texas that I've had a few times over the years. It's really no the best, but it's not terrible either. The bock is a pretty dark beer, but it doesn't necessarily come across in the taste. It seems to a beer that is fairly common to find even when not in Texas, and it's certainly better than a lot of the Macro boys, but it's not one I go to when I'm looking for a lot of flavor. Good session beer I suppose.

21st Amendement Hell or High Watermelon Wheat

I reviewed the IPA from these canned microbrewers from San Fran a little while ago and I'm back to try their watermelon wheat beer which is the only other style that seems to be available in these parts. I've had some fruit flavored beers before, but watermelon is a new one to me. In some ways it's a pretty good choice because actual watermelon doesn't have a very strong flavor to begin with, so it doesn't overpower the beer. That's pretty much what happens here. The watermelon is there, but you mainly get a standard wheat beer aftertaste. Wheat beers aren't my favorite, and this one was okay, but I had somewhat higher hopes for this one after enjoying their IPA so much. It's a great summer beer and the can helps it's appeal as well.

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