Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This Is What I Drink : 57

The Slurpee

Every July 11th (7/11, doy), the great convenience store gives away 7.11 ounces (you can see it there on the bottom right) of its famous frozen drink brand, Slurpee, for free. As a fan of any chain or anything that gives you something for free, I'm a fan of this promotion. 7.11 ounces is a pretty good dose of a Slurpee anyway. As "slushie" style beverages go, I feel like the Slurpee is the king. It's not only got the best name recognition (perhaps other than the Simpson's Squishie), it also has the best consistency of those kind of drinks. It's so thick that it comes with the famous spoon straw which almost makes it the equivalent of a sugary and syrupy milkshake. On this day I went with a classic flavor combination, wild cherry and coca-cola. I started with a little cherry on the bottom, then filled it with coke, and then topped it off with a little more cherry. I was pretty pleased with myself. That's another great thing about a Slurpee machine is that it's inherently customizable depending on how many flavors are there. I think I've just realized how important of a beverage it is.

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