Thursday, April 15, 2010

This Is What I Drink : 26

Tröegs Javahead Stout:

I believe this is the first stout I've tasted since I've been on the blog and that's a surprise because it is my favorite kind of beer. This is also a semi-local favorite from just up the way in Harrisburg, PA. As you can see from the packaging and color of the beer, it's pretty intimidating. If beers were movie genres, Javahead would definitely be a good horror flick like stouts should be. At 7.5% alcohol it provides quite the punch. The tan head (as you can see in exhibit A) is beautiful, the color being something you'd expect from something with "java" in its title. The weird part is that I didn't find there to be enough coffee flavor in the drink itself. There was plenty of chocolate and roasted malts (great stout staples), but I feel like it can't get away with calling itself "java" without tasting more like coffee. Despite it's beautiful pitch black color, the stout didn't feel quite as thick as I like a stronger stout to be. It just felt a little thin for a style that is usually thick and intense. All those minor complaints aside, this is still a pretty good beer and not a bad value for beer in the mid-high alcohol range.

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