Monday, April 5, 2010

This Is What I Drink : 18


As you can see in the previous post, there is a bottle of something called "Root" in the picture along with the Yuengling. We've tackled the subject of Root a bit on the Spinto Band blog, and Art in the Age's blog will give you a more eloquent history on the concept of Root than I will. Quite simply, root is an organic alcoholic version of what we all know as root beer. It's not just a flavored vodka or anything, but its own 80 proof spirit. In my estimation, root has quickly become one of my favorite sipping spirits. It has enough interesting flavor on its own that I've never even really felt the need to try it mixed with anything else. This particular night, I was sipping out of an espresso cup. Every time I added more, I was saying things like "hey, I'm just drinking more espresso" or "more espresso here!". This was obviously hilarious because it wasn't espresso, and it would be strange to be drinking espresso at 2 AM.

Anyway, Root is a tad pricey, but I definitely recommend you try to track some down if you live in the Pennsylvania area and have always fantasized about the idea of alcoholic root beer. Art in the Age has a "root locator" if you want to find some.

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