Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This Is What I Drink : 20

Saint's Iced Coffee:

There are still a few more beverages to talk about from the State College weekend. It turned out to be more of a new and reviewable beverage weekend than I thought, but a new drink is usually lurking if you keep your eyes open.

Despite having a Starbuck's closer to us, we decided to go to Saint's Cafe mainly because it wasn't a chain. That's not too much of a dis on Starbuck's as I think Starbuck's makes a decent product, but I can get that any day of the week. Anyway, I was in need of a coffee before our car ride (and after a night of drinking "espresso"), and since it was another warm day I went the iced route once again. At $2.50 for their only size (probably a large), it was a tad on the pricier side for a regular iced coffee, but certainly not outrageous. Unfortunately the end result was just okay. I think it just lacked the strongish flavor that I look for in a coffee. It was leaps and bounds better than Dunkin' Donuts, but not as good as Over Coffee Cafe in the current iced coffee wars. Obviously the price knocks it down that list as well. It had a nice environment and everything, but I was a bit disappointed in the end.

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