Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Is What I Drink : 12

Saturday March 20th:

Coffee from hotel again (still needed caffeine)
Cafe cortado
Both red and white wine
More cafe cortado

More cafe licor.
Estrella Galicia beer (many)
Carlsberg beer (many)
Ice shots (Jim beam in an ice cube - many)
More wine (lots)

As you can see, Saturday was a long day of beverage indulging as well as a day of staying up for nearly 24 hours. I've put the new additions and focuses of the blog in bold here because I've more or less covered the others in the previous days. I will however single out the specific coffee I had at KF Central in Tui. We started calling in KFC because we're Americans, but that coffee was STRONG. I haven't put sugar into any kind of coffee for a long time, but I had to cut that KFC stuff, it was strong.

Anyway, as you can see there is a strong alcohol-related beverage slant to this day, but hey, we played a concert in Spain and celebrated, no harm in that, right?

I'll start with La Estrella Galicia. I believe I may have already had this beer earlier in the week (possibly on draft), but I couldn't remember the exact sequence. Anyway, I didn't notice an inordinate amount of difference between it and the Mahou referred to in the previous post. I think the main reason I liked it better was that it was apparently brewed closer than Mahou so it was slightly more local.

Carlsberg has never been a particular favorite of mine either. We've had it a bunch in the UK and I always remembered that you could buy it for pretty cheap there in the supermarkets. Anyway, its kind of classic just okay European pilsner. Pilsner has probably always been one of my least favorite styles of beer. Even most of the microbrew pilsners I've had in the States haven't impressed me that much. I admit. like many other beers that I drink, I only had it because it was free in the dressing room.

Then there is El Blanco. As I told you before, we were told not to drink El Blanco, but we couldn't refuse when the kindly owner of KFC poured us a shot of it. I understand why they say we don't have it, especially before a show. The stuff is basically flavorless moonshine. Unlike some moonshine we got in North Carolina this year (coming to a blog near you), this is just kind of a stronger clear liquid which seemed much, much stronger than the other incarnations of cafe licor. It was certainly worth the try though, but I think the flavored liquors have a lot more to offer.

Now my favorite of the night was the ice shot. Luckily I have video, so I don't even have to describe it. (Ignore the other whack-jobs in the video.)

Yadda, yadda, yadda...It was a loooong night.

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