Saturday, March 13, 2010

This Is What I Drink: 02

11:20 PM : 3/13/10 Caldera IPA - Canned Microbrew - Ashland, Oregon.

Chances are that I'll be talking about a good amount of beers throughout my tenure at this blog and it is appropriate that I start with the Caldera Brewing Company. This is the first beer I bought from my local liquor store when I moved in a few months ago and I'm happy to have it again. I've heard from a few sources that canned beer actually protects the product better because no light can affect the liquid inside. I can't argue because this beer is very, very good. At 6.1% ABV it has a nice kick to it, but it has a nice citrus finish that I like in an IPA. Despite the high price tag (12.00 per six pack), I never really regret it because it tastes so good (it's also my 4th tonight, so that helps.)

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