Saturday, March 13, 2010

This Is What I Drink : 01

What I drink. It's not something I thought very much about until a few years ago, but it really does mean a lot to my life. Food obsession is something that's easier to accept. We have 24 hour networks dedicated to the preparation/eating/ceremony of food. But beverage obsession, not so much, as it always seems to play the sidekick. I understand why. It's a quick sip in between chews, laughs, memories and not the main course, and despite loving a well cooked meal, I'd argue the drink is just as important.

Of course there are wine (and beer) Sommeliers who appreciate the fine components of the accompanying liquid, but these people aren't celebrities like some chefs are. Ultimately, that's not really my point. This web log is just going to show my personal intake of beverages and how that directly relates to my life. My goal is to post about every individual drink that goes into my body. There are times that may be interesting, and times that it may not be, but for whatever reason I think it's necessary. I'll see you soon.


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