Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This Is What I Drink : 09

I apologize for the lack of current updates, but I've been out of the country for the last few days and hope to get on track with a lot of hopefully interesting posts in the next couple of days.

Wednesday March 17th: Airplane drinks: Water (in strange sippy cups) Orange Juice (in strange sippy cups), and a Heineken.

Being on an airplane is a unique experience and the beverages they serve can be as well. You have a choice of a few juices, soft drinks, a few beers, coffee, and tea. I think one of more interesting parts about airplane beverages is the sometimes strange packaging you receive when you get a drink. For example, the water and orange juice served in the "sippy" cups mentioned above. Stupidly I didn't take a picture, but the best way I can describe them is that they look like individual Jello packs, but they are filled with about 6 ounces of fluid instead. The strange part is that these are brought out in addition to every other beverage. I was offered water about 10 times on the 7.5 hour flight and I could have ordered an entire can of orange juice any time I wanted, but these little sippy cups were brought out with the meal. I didn't really want the orange juice, but I drank it anyway just because it was there and I couldn't resist the sippy cup.

The Heineken was definitely a bonus. Delta/Air France decided that beer/wine were going to be complimentary on this flight (which doesn't always happen) and as I had resisted the temptations of drinking a green beer (St. Patty's of course), I had to at least drink a beer in a green can! Heineken isn't my favorite of beers, but with the other options being unnamed American light and non light lagers, it was definitely the best option available. When you are in the middle of the Atlantic any (free) beer is a good one.

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  1. i always always get ginger ale on airplanes. hi sam!