Sunday, March 14, 2010

This Is What I Drink : 05

Coffee (w/unsweetened almond milk) + Water

So I got up a little later today than usual and daylight saving time is partially to blame. Anyway, on the weekend I like to brew up about a half pot of coffee and drink it throughout the day. Sometimes it's too much, but can use the leftovers for the next day so it's not a big whoop.

While I appreciate a quality cup of coffee, I'll admit that what I make at home really isn't all that great. I try to buy good coffee (my current batch is some kind of cheapish organic stuff), but I think my problem is my device. I bought my coffee maker for $5 at a thrift store and it's price shows itself in the output of product. I feel like it makes different strength and quality almost every time I use it. Eventually I'll get a new one, but for now it still gets me the desired caffeine and sometimes the taste I want in the morning. I really enjoy looking at this site to see how much caffeine is in any given product. It's good to know so you don't under or overdo it.

I'll leave you with an exchange from the great Twin Peaks, which always leaves me craving coffee + cherry pie.

Pete Martell: Mr. Cooper, how do you take it [your coffee]?
Dale Cooper: Black as midnight on a moonless night.
Pete Martell: Pretty black.

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