Monday, August 30, 2010

This is What I Drink: 65

Royal Crown Cola

Royal Crown cola has always been the under-appreciated little brother of the cola world. Coke and Pepsi get all the attention, while Dr. Pepper rules the roost at the Dr. Pepper/7UP company which RC is also distributed under. However, it's pretty much been around as long as those other guys, so I think it deserves more respect. The tough thing though is that at least on the East coast, it's not quite as readily available as the midwest. I guess Pepsi and Coke have the monopoly on distribution over here because it's definitely more rare to see RC around these parts. Anyway, taste wise I've always really liked RC. I'd say it's more similar to Pepsi than Coke, but it definitely has its own thing going on. I think part of it is that I rarely drink it, usually only on tour, so I definitely have a soft spot for it. I'm thinking that a cane sugar RC out of a bottle would go down really nicely. I've still also never made my Crown Royal + Royal Crown cola cocktail, the "double Royale" if you will. There are a million great names for that cocktail. I'll make it soon enough.

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  1. RC Cola is hands down my favorite cola of all time! It's absolutely incredible out of a fountain!