Saturday, May 15, 2010

This Is What I Drink : 35

Dunkin' Dark

So recently Dunkin' Donuts has really been pushing their new "Dunkin' Dark" iced coffee which is presumably a darker roast. I've already given my less than enthusiastic thoughts about regular Dunkin' iced coffee, but I thought that this new version deserved a try. It's also because Tuesday was FREE ICED COFFEE day at DDs in my area, so it didn't cost me a penny.

I'll give the 'ol DD credit, this stuff is actually better than regular DD iced coffee. Despite the employee still putting in more cream than I wanted, there was actually a pretty decent coffee aftertaste after a sip through the straw. I feel like with regular DD I just taste creamy water. With Dunkin' Dark, it's like creamy water with a hint of actual coffee. Of course, like with most superior products, (Pepsi's throwback series another recent example) Dunkin' Dark is only available for a limited time. It's still not the best coffee, but I'll probably be ordering this stuff instead of the alternative while it's available.


  1. I had a friend that made his own Iced Coffee - can be a lot of work, but it ends up tasting better than anything I've bought at a store. I wonder how they "brew" iced coffee at the chains.

  2. How did he do it, Joe? Iced coffee is the only kind I really drink...Right now I've been toying with the "Cold Brew" method with this thing:

    I know Starbucks just brews "extra strength" hot coffee and then cuts it with water and ice.