Friday, October 29, 2010

This Is What I Drink: 88

2 From 21

21st Amendment Back in Black IPA

It's been nice getting to know this brewery over the past few months, previously having reviewed their IPA and Watermelon Wheat offerings. While the can is pictured above, I actually had this guy on draft. The black IPA is an intriguing creature. I've only had maybe two or three of this style in my beer drinking career. With this kind of pitch black color, you often think porter or stout, but this style clearly tastes more like a traditional IPA with slight twists. I'd say in general this one sticks to its IPA roots. It has full blown hop and citrus flavor with a nice bitterness. I'd say with the darker color it feels a bit thicker in the mouth and maybe has a bit more of a roasty flavor. I liked this one a lot.

21st Amendment Golden Doom

Here is an offering from this brewery that doesn't come in a can. This was actually their Spring seasonal which they only make kegs of, but I had it on draft in mid-September. I suppose freshness could have been an issue there, but it still tasted fine to me. This one is a traditional Belgian strong ale, and its color lives up to its name. Like most of from this style, you are immediately hit with some fruity and sweet flavors. Some citrus, maybe some banana, and some yeast. Nicely carbonated as well. It's always surprising when some of these beers near 8% as this one does because all the flavor masks it pretty well. Another solid one from this brewery and I'm glad I got to try it.

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